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+44 (0) 1495 290393



What We Do

Shoda Sauces Europe specialises in the development, manufacture and supply of sauces and Asian ingredients to food service and food manufacturing companies throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

We were established in South Wales in the late 1990s. Our parent company, Shoda Shoyu was originally set up in Japan in 1873 to brew soy sauce using traditional methods and skills. Many of the techniques we still use today.

Our customers are wide and varied, from major brands to small businesses.

We offer a wide range of organic and non-organic products in a variety of packaging formats from IBC’s, Buckets and Jerri Cans to Bottles and Sachets.


What We Believe

Onko-chishin is a Japanese proverb meaning “to move ahead by learning from the past”.

For us, it means keeping tradition alive whilst embracing new ideas, so we can better serve our customers.


We are committed to:

Treating each of our customers as individuals, providing them with superb products through a superior production process.

Using all our experience and expertise to create the best tasting products.

Constantly challenging ourselves to develop new products which will delight our customers.

Our organic products are approved and certified by the Soil Association.
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Shoda Sauces Europe is accredited by the British Retail Consortium.